Cleaning services for businesses in Copenhagen region and whole Nordsjælland

We offer cleaning services in Copenhagen region and whole Nordsjælland. We are very flexible with our client schedules. We work during the evenings and weekends as well.

We have all the neccessary equipment to provide high quality cleaning services.

Types of cleaning services we provide

As a cleaning company our interest is to provide excellent cleaning service to many different types of business. We are proud that we can offer our services to almost any type of business.

We provide cleaning services to:

  • Offices,
  • Stores,
  • Staircases,
  • Restaurants and caffees,
  • Warehouses,
  • Clinics,
  • Kindergardens,
  • Nursing homes,
  • Construction site cleaning,
  • Construction site vagon cleaning,
  • Construction mobile toilets cleaning,
  • Cleaning when moving out or moving in to a new apartment.

How much do we charge for our cleaning services

As in many other industry fields the pricing is very individual. Before we get to numbers we inform that we always use professional cleaning chemicals and equipment. We make sure that our staff is ready for any task they can face. We keep improving our workflow to make every customer happy.

The price is starting from 250kr/h + VAT. Contact us and we will provide you with the more accurate price we can offer for your specific case.

Contact us and get an offer for business cleaning services

Would you like to hire us to clean your office? Or do you have questions about our services or prices? You are always welcome to contact us, we will be happy to answer your questions or provide you with an offer.

You can call us by tlf. +45 27 51 70 66 or email us at, we will answer you as soon as possible.